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Friday, April 11, 2014

Student-Centered Classroom Reflections HS

Student-Centered Learning has always been something I have utilized to help differentiate learning for individual students. With the implementation of the iPads, a student-centered classroom became a daily reality. When students leave the classroom, they are now still connected to class lessons, assignments, and resources. They can solve problems using those resources without the teacher directing them through every step. Students are able to take further initiative in their learning, but like everything, students still must provide some motivation. As a teacher, I am now more focused on giving them some energy to help spark that motivation. 
 -Ms. Manternach

This year I implemented my version of a student centered classroom with my seniors in Business Math.  At first, it was a slow process and I had to work with them step by step.  But after modeling the process for a few weeks I started to pull away and let the students take over.   It has been a great surprise to see how well they have done.  They come in, teach themselves the lesson for the day through doing Frayer Models, get their assignment and have their work completed by the end of the period.  They have learned how to answer their own questions, work together and have become very independent.  They are performing as well on quizzes and tests as past classes.  I have also been finding myself using some of these same methods in my junior high classes.  I look forward to continuing this in all of my classes.
 - Mr. Wieck

I have enjoyed running a partial student centered classroom this year. Our older students do a great job of taking responsibility and pride in their work.  I have seen a lot of students become leaders and you can see who really understands the concepts.  Those students step up and help the ones that are leaders.  I am hoping to become an even more student centered program in the future.  Students have to take ownership of their own work and hopefully all of the students gain a since of pride in their work.
- Mr. Bowlin

I feel that my special education students enjoyed the student centered aspect for the most part because they didn't feel like they were on their own when completing assignments/activities.  They would ask peers for assistance when needed, and it would put someone in a leadership role that normally wouldn't be in there.
The problems I had are that they wouldn't take the initiative to lead the group even when they knew the content.  There were many times that students were not monitored at different times and they would settle with just copying other group members work.
- Mr. Kriegel

Reflections on Student-Centered Classrooms - Some of the classes have been showing improvement by working in groups with me working as a guide rather than a lecturer.  This has given multiple students a chance to lead, rather than sitting back and being a spectator.  There has been a lot more discussions between students over the content.
-Mr. Snitker

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