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Friday, April 11, 2014

Differentiation Classroom Reflections HS

Differentiation has helped me with the pacing for most students, and therefore gives me more time to help individual students. But, I have to be conscientious to make sure I have avenues for all students to explore the content.
With differentiation, I think the students have got something out of the different groups. For instance, some of my lowest students are starting to engage themselves in the class work because differentiation allows them to be both the student and teacher at times. I have been trying to differentiate the type of lessons, how information is conveyed, have hands-on activities, projects, as well as tests. I think in this way every one can show their strengths. Just the other day, I had a young man go against peer pressure to thoroughly complete a test, it was quite something to witness such a transformation.
- Mrs. Turner

I think differentiation has definitely helped in my class. Being a non-core area teacher it has been helpful to use differentiation in terms of pacing. When we work on projects, students would often finish early. By using differentiation, I am able to more effectively challenge the advanced students and also have time to work with those students who need more assistance. I would say students are learning more and are more willing to go above and beyond. Because differentiation has become common in my classroom, they are becoming used to it. I have noticed that students have more pride in their work and want to show it off more. Part of this is because differentiation has allowed for more student choice, so they are able to pursue what interests them within the given confines of the learning situation. 
- Mrs. Linnell

Creating a project that allows students to go about it in different ways. You give the students the opportunity to work at their own pace, but you clearly state your intent of what the expectations are. Being in a differentiated class has its advantages.
- Mr. Schwarting

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