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Friday, April 11, 2014

Reflections on Technology in the Classroom HS

In my class I tried to incorporate as much technology in each unit.  I used Keynote for presentations of Earth history.  The students enjoy the projects because they can work on them at their own speed.  They can show their creative side in the project.  They also use Pages to make graphs and tables to sum up labs information.  Over all it's been positive.
- Mr. Svare

Using technology in the classroom improves student engagement especially in regards to sharing of information and student work.  Students show pride in their output when they know others will see their work.  Also, technology can help with student/teacher communication and student organization.
- Mrs. Megchelsen

I used more technology in P.E. iPads were used in class lessons. Technology helped students by improving knowledge about usage of iPads in the P.E. setting. Students could make video presentations ahead of time and then show to the class. It was easier on some students. 
- Mr. Cooling

Students are getting better at using their iPad apps.  I have used notability, iMovies, and Keynote throughout the year.  At this time of year they are more proficient using the apps.  The students are great in helping other students, as well as myself.   They are also learning that technology doesn't always work and we have to be patient.
- Mrs. Frank

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