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Friday, April 11, 2014

Standards-Based Grading Classroom Reflections HS

I have been using Main Idea Grading (Standards Based Grading) in my classroom for almost all classes this year.  It has been a good experience and I plan to continue using it in the future.  It has made me a better teacher in that I have been focused on what are the most important ideas for the students to learn.  I have also been more reflective in assessing students work.   I think it has been good for the students in that they are more responsible for their learning during the course of the year.  
- Mr. Megchelsen

This year I investigated Standards Based Grading. I was more concerned about learning about
what Standards Based Grading entailed and if it was applicable in my classroom. It sounds great
and super applicable to math and science, but I'm still not sure how to make it work in my
curriculum. My attempt in taking a step toward Standards Based Grading has been to increase
the usage of feedback, providing clearer expectations, and really being selective about the
types of assignments I give out and grade analyzing their importance to the value of learning.
This area has enabled me to develop an action research plan looking at giving students a dual
grade and the importance of increasing feedback. I want students to know what they do well
and the areas when they need to improve on for the future. Hopefully the future of my
classroom will include specific standards and no zero grading.
- Mrs. Driscoll

Reflections on Standards Based Grading - I think letting a student work at something until they get it correct is important, as long as they are really trying. One problem is sometimes the students need to put in extra time and they aren't willing to do it. 
- Mr. Loftus

I was working with standard base grading during the school year. For the students that I was able to work with individually on a consistent basis I had some success. I was working with one student today that I was able to see dramatic improvement from the beginning of the year. I was able to see the standards that are required for their grade level being accomplished. But the issue is if I do not have the chance to work with the individual student I can’t see where they began, current or where they are going in their path of accomplishing the current standards. This is a great direction but what will we be willing to do so it is effective?
- Mr. Redington

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